Cornell Mark Stamp

The "Cornell Mark" designates products and services created by Cornell students, faculty and alumni.

Cornell Made is an initative of Cornell University to accelerate the growth of Cornell alumni, faculty and student run firms by highlighting their products on campus and in the greater Ithaca community. The program was first proposed by student Dylan Reid and is a partnership between the local Kairos Society fellowship, Entrepreneurship@Cornell and Cornell Supply Management Services (SMS) . The initative consists of several planned interealated programs as of November 2011.

Cornell MarkEdit

The "Cornell Mark" is used to designate the products and services of student, alumni and faculty companies. Die-cut stickers bearing the mark are to be produced and distributed by The Cornell Store and managed by the partnership. For non-physical goods, the a high-resolution image of the mark will be available for download on the partnerships website. Site-specific businesses founded by Cornell entrepreneurs will be able to purchase vinyl window stickers for their store fronts. Additional "Cornell Mark" merchandise will be available from the school store and the Cornell Made website with proceeds going to cover the administrative costs of the partnership.

In addition to the use of the mark on products, a quarterly catalog of CM goods will be produced by The Cornell Store and distributed in print and online. To celebrate the release of each quartlerly catalog, the Cornell Store will set-up a dedicated section of the store for Cornell Made goods and invite founders to speak and demo products.

Cornell DiningEdit

As of October 2011, Cornell Dining has tentatively agreed to take part in the program by highlighting the work of Cornell entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry.

Design CompetitionEdit

In November 2011, Cornell Made announced a partnership with the department of Design and Environmental Analysis (DEA) and Providence product manufacturer and distributor DCI. The competition, which will be held under the umbrella of the partnership will invite Cornell students and recent alumni to submit innovative product designs to be manufactured and distributed as part of DCI's line at retailers including Target and Wallmart stores.